“Hello from Greece. I am Alexandra Papanastassiou, owner and CEO of Universal Travel DMC founded in 1963 by my father Nikiforos (“Nick”) Papanastassiou, known for his integrity, his love for Greece’s heritage, his talent in building solid relationships and his passion for customizing luxury travelling experiences with identity and distinct character. My father’s impeccable style and signature approach derived from deeply studying and understanding the needs and aspirations of premium travelers in order to exceed their demanding expectations. His detailed work, his fresh spirit, the pride he felt for this blessed part of our planet and his talent in developing lasting bonds with all of our clients, suppliers, and partners have always been Universal Travel DMC’s inspiration for outstanding performance. No matter how much we have grown over the years, we remain a versatile family business with an insightful boutique approach and a passion for high quality and world-class differentiation.

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